Wednesday 09 Oct , 2013

Maintaining the condition of your car is almost as important as maintaining one’s body. Maintaining ones automobile requires that you adhere to a strict regimen and make sure to take care of things in a prompt, and intelligent manner.

1. Check your fluids

One of the ways of maintaining your auto mobiles’ conditions is to ensure that all the fluids in the vehicle are checked and replaced. There is no form of automotive fluid that is built to last forever. Examples of such liquids to check and replace include the engine oil, which should be replaced after every 3000 miles, the transmission fluids that need to be replaced after every two years, and the engine coolant fluids which ought to be checked, regularly flushed and replaced at least twice a year.

2. Check your tires

Regular checking and examination of the wheels and tires also serves as a great way of maintaining your automobile. It should be taken into consideration every 5000 miles, the tires of the automobile should be rotated. Also, on the tire and wheel’s maintenance the pressure should be checked and be maintained effectively.

3. Check your brakes

Aside from your wheel, brakes are very essential in any automobile for obvious reasons. The brakes fluid should be flushed every two years. This is because brake fluid with moisture, which is absorbed over time, can do a lot of damage to the inner parts of the anti-lock braking system. Brake dust should also be cleaned regularly.

4. Lube moving parts

With any moving part in the vehicle, ensure that it is well greased. Greasing of the moving parts ensures that there is the reduction of wear and tear and this greatly ensures that the moving part has a longer life.

5. Keep the exterior clean

They say first impressions always matter and so is the same with any automobile. The visual impressions of any car is as important as any other factor in a car. Thus maintaining the shape and colour of one’s automobile becomes relatively important. In these modern times, maintaining a clear and clean finish of a car’s paint and body work has become easy. This is due to the introduction of waxes and polishes that protect your automobile from fading. The paint is also protected and kept looking good.

6. Use sunshades to protect interior

Whenever you consider parking your automobile, always locate shades in your windows as this protects the interior plastic which when directly heated by the sun for long ends up cracking. Where no shade is available, consider using the window deflector screen and also applya UV protectant that prevents the plastic and vinyl from drying out.

7. Change your wiper blades

For visibility and reducing the likelihood of accidents, it’s extremely important to make sure your windshield wipers are working properly. If visibility is starting to falter, consider changing your wipers.

8. Change your air filters

Replacing an air filter that is even partially clogged will make a big difference in your car’s performance and fuel economy. How often you change your air filter will depend on how much dirt, grime, and gunk your car is exposed to.

9. Check your battery terminals

Make sure there is nothing wrong with your battery’s connections. If there happens to be some dirt, grime, or corrosion, you better clean it off with a wire brush. Make sure to remove the terminal caps before cleaning.

10. Check your lights

Make sure your lights are all working properly. If one light is dimmer than the other or a blinker blinks quicker than another, then it is probably time to consider changing those bulbs.

Maintaining one’s car does not only entail the technical part where things have to be changed and replaced, it also entails the activities that you carry out on the automobile as a driver. Simple activities, such as driving gently, greatly reduce the wear and tear of the car thus reducing the need to perform regular replacements. Also one should consider slowing down for bumps, potholes, and negotiating corners at a reasonable speed as driving hard only strains the vehicles components.

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