Monday 30 Sep , 2013

Changing the oil in a car should be a top priority for any car owner. It is evident that most drivers find changing the oil in a car a hassle, and in most cases they only change the oil when the situation seems critical. This is a huge mistake, as it is likely going to damage your engine and lessen the life of your vehicle.

The car oil performs many tasks. The motor oil mostly works in the engine, which is a structure containing many moving parts that would easily wear and tear due to friction in case they came into contact without proper lubrication. The motor oil serves the purpose of lubricating these parts and makes starting and movement easy.

The oil in a car also serves as an engine coolant. This is achieved by transferring heat away from the heated parts as the oil is circulated in the engine.

The engine oil is also responsible for keeping the surfaces of the engine clean from harmful deposits and varnish by collecting dirt and grime as it filters through the engine. The engine oil also prevents rusting and corrosion of the engine and also seals tiny gaps between cylinder walls and piston rings.

With all the functions of car oil, it becomes such a neccesity to regularly change the oil. The car oil should be changed after every 3000 miles covered, but currently this is changing due to the introductuon of the synthetic oil. The changing of the oil involves a visit to a mechanic who literally siphons out all of the oil in your car engine and replaces it with new oil. Changing your oil can also be done personally. As the oil filters in the engine, it collects debris and dirt which mixes with it. The result is that the oil begins to get dirtier, a situation that hinders proper lubrication.

Once there is no proper lubrication, what results is the wearing and tearing of the parts in the engine, which greatly reduces the lifespan of the engine. Changing the oil in this case flushes out the dirty oil out of the engine together with any dirt that may be found in the engine. Clean oli ensures efficient lubrication and reduces wear and tear.

Changing the oil also ensures that there is better cooling of the engine. This is because once the oil gets dirty; it turns from being a light liquid which is very efficient in the loosing of heat to a heavy thick liquid that will take time to loose heat. Heating of the engine can cause serious damage.

It’s of importance to note that not only will dirty oil lower the performance of your engine, but it actually also will kill the engine. At such point, you are bound to purchase a new engine which will be way more costly than just having your oil changed. Changing your car oil regularly will save you money in the long run, give more life to your car, and make your car function noticeably better compared to murky oil.

One other importance of changing your car oil is the fact that it will actually save you gas. When the engine oil in a car is not changed, what happens is that the engine will have to get engaged more requiring the burning of more gas. Because it’s such a cheap maintenance whether you handle it or pay someone to handle it, there’s really no reason for lack of oil changes.

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